how to find iphone ip address , how to turn off torch on iphone

How do I find my IP address for my iPhone without Wi-Fi?

No, your iPhone can’t have an IP address if you are not using wi fi. This is because the IP address is a piece of information that only internet service providers and cellular data providers assign to your devices. It is a name given to your device by internet service providers.

Can you trace IP address from iPhone?

You can look up IP addresses from an iPhone the same way you would do so with a computer. If you have Internet access, use the IP-address-tracing websites mentioned in the article.Mar 25, 2022

How do I turn the flashlight off on this phone?

Google first introduced a flashlight toggle with Android 5.0 Lollipop, located right in the quick settings. To access it, all you have to do is pull down the notification bar, find the toggle, and tap on it. The flashlight will be turned on instantly, and you can toggle it right back off when you no longer need it.Apr 19, 2022

Can you tell if someone blocked you on iPhone?

If you’re blocked by someone, your calls will go straight to voicemail, and your voicemail messages will head to the ‘blocked’ section immediately. The other person won’t receive your calls, won’t be notified you called, and won’t see a badge for your voicemail.Jan 4, 2021

Can you tell if someone blocked you on iPhone text?

Look underneath the last text you sent before you suspect you were blocked. If the previous iMessage says “Delivered” under the message bubble but the most recent one doesn’t, it can mean that you’ve been blocked. If you see an iMessage Not Delivered error instead, that can be another indication as well.Dec 20, 2021

Does find my phone work if phone is off?

Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature can now work even if your device is offline. If, say, someone has stolen your phone and turned off the data and WiFi antennae, you might still be able to track it down.Aug 24, 2020

Why won’t my iPhone 8 do a hard reset?

Your iPhone 8 won’t hard reset because you aren’t pressing the correct buttons. When Apple removed the physical Home button from the iPhone, they had to change the way hard resets are performed.Sep 6, 2017

Does a hard reset on iPhone 8 erase everything?

Resetting your device will not delete any data: On an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.Jun 11, 2018

How do I factory reset my iPhone 8 without unlocking it?

Visit using a computer or a different device and sign in using your Apple ID and password. Click on “All Devices.” Select your iPhone 8 from the list of devices. Click on “Erase iPhone”> > “Erase” to erase your iPhone 8 remotely.

How do I blur part of a photo on an iPhone?

Choose a photo to edit. Tap Adjustments and then scroll through the menu and tap Blur. A circle will appear on the screen, which you can then drag over the top of your main subject. Use the slider to increase or decrease the amount of blur, and use your fingers to make the circle smaller or bigger.Sep 17, 2021

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