how to get ringtones on iphone for free , how to lock notes on iphone

Does Apple have free ringtones?

You don’t need to download an expensive third-party music app to make ringtones on your iPhone. You can use Apple’s own GarageBand, available free from the App Store. It works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later.Dec 13, 2019

Why can’t I lock my iPhone notes?

If you are having trouble locking notes on your iPhone, it may be you haven’t enabled passwords in Notes in your Settings. To do so, open Settings > Notes > Password. If you haven’t previously set a passwords for the Notes app, use the fields provided to create one, and then tap Done.Apr 21, 2022

Can you lock a folder of notes on iPhone?

You can only lock notes on your device and notes in iCloud. You can’t lock notes that have PDFs, audio, video, Keynote, Pages, Numbers documents attached, or notes that sync with other accounts. You can’t lock an iCloud note that has collaborators. Tap Lock.

How do you put a lock on apps?

Select Pattern, Pin, or Password (or a biometric option, if available), then continue by entering your selection and confirming it. Select Secure Folder from the app drawer, then tap Add apps. Select the apps you wish to include in Secure Folder, then tap Add. Select Lock and exit in the upper-right corner.Nov 14, 2021

Is the iPhone 11 still good in 2021?

When the iPhone 13 range launches during Q4 of 2021, the iPhone 11 range will be two years old. However, Apple really looks after its older iPhone models, so the iPhone 11 range is still a great option in 2021 and beyond, providing you don’t mind not having 5G.Jan 21, 2021

How can I get an iPhone 11 for free?

Long story short, you can get an iPhone 11 64GB for free if you bring your number to T-Mobile from an eligible carrier and activate a qualifying voice plan. Then, you have to buy the iPhone 11 64GB on a monthly payment plan.Jul 6, 2021

How do you hide messages on iPhone without deleting?

Click on “Edit” and choose the “Delete Contact” button. Next, go to the Settings app, and scroll down until you see “Messages.” Click on it. Below Message filtering, click on “Filter Unknown Senders” to toggle on the feature.Apr 23, 2022

Does iPhone have secret messages?

One way is hiding alerts to avoid message preview or directly stop receiving message notifications by Settings. The other one is to remove someone from the Contact list and makes it an unknown sender. In fact, there is no hidden text message on iPhone actually.Apr 1, 2022

Can you permanently block a number on iPhone?

It only takes a couple of taps to block a phone number, email address or contact from getting hold of you. Phone: Find the phone number or contact you want to block in the Recents tab, then tap on the “i” button next to the option. Select Block This Caller at the bottom of the screen and confirm your choice.Aug 3, 2020

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