how to scan a document on iphone , how to retrieve deleted messages on iphone

Does iPhone have document scanning?

You can use the Notes app to scan documents and add signatures on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Sep 16, 2020

Why can’t I shut my iPhone 12 off?

Is One Of The Buttons Broken? Your iPhone 12 might not be turning off because one of the buttons is broken. Press the volume buttons and see if the Ringer slider appears at the top of the screen. The slider should move left and right when you press the volume down and volume up buttons.Dec 15, 2021

How do I turn my iPhone 12 on?

Just like you’re used to from other smartphones, all you have to do is press-and-hold the Side Button, located on the right edge of your iPhone, until the familiar Apple logo shows up on the screen. Release the button and wait for your iPhone to turn on.Feb 3, 2022

Is there a way to delete all your photos at once?

In the Photos app, click on Library on the left side of the window. This will show you everything that’s in your iCloud Photos library. Click on one photo, then press CMD+A to select all. Next, press the Delete key on your keyboard and confirm your decision.Mar 10, 2021

What was the first iPhone released?

June 2007: The first generation iPhone hits the U.S. market. Announced in January 2007, the original iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs as a combination of the iPod, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communicator.

When was the 1st iPhone sold?

After months of rumors and speculation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone on Jan. 9, 2007. The device, which didn’t actually go on sale until June, started at $499 for a 4GB model, $599 for the 8GB version (with a two-year contract).

What was the price of iPhone 1?

When the first iPhone was released, 11 years ago, the starting price was $499.Nov 5, 2018

Who owned the first iPhone?

Greg Packer is a “professional line sitter,” and is universally recognized as the first person on earth to buy an iPhone, having camped out in front of the 5th Avenue Apple Store four days before the iPhone went on sale.Jul 1, 2012

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