how to tell if someone blocked your number on iphone , how to clear other storage on iphone

Can you tell if someone has blocked you on iPhone?

If you’re blocked by someone, your calls will go straight to voicemail, and your voicemail messages will head to the ‘blocked’ section immediately. The other person won’t receive your calls, won’t be notified you called, and won’t see a badge for your voicemail.Jan 4, 2021

Can you tell if someone blocked texts iPhone?

Look underneath the last text you sent before you suspect you were blocked. If the previous iMessage says “Delivered” under the message bubble but the most recent one doesn’t, it can mean that you’ve been blocked. If you see an iMessage Not Delivered error instead, that can be another indication as well.Dec 20, 2021

Why is other on my iPhone so large?

The Other category is big and varied, because it’s a real catch-all category. It’s comprised of system caches, logs, Siri voices (if you’ve downloaded other voices), updates, and so much more. One of the biggest culprits for Other growing out of hand is streaming lots of music and video.Apr 6, 2022

Why can’t I delete albums from my iPhone?

If you have synced your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes, chances are you cannot delete some photo albums off of your iOS device. Albums that have been curated by your iPhone’s Photos app, like Screenshots or Selfies, cannot be deleted.Apr 7, 2022

How do I delete an album in iphoto library?

Select the album you want to delete. Click in the main photo view on the right and then press command-A to select all the photos in the album. Press command-option-delete to remove the photos from both the album and the library. Select the album again and press delete to remove the album from your album list.

Why is my phone not ringing when I get a phone call?

There are various reasons why your Android phone won’t ring when someone calls, including: Your ringer volume is turned down. Your phone is on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode. You turned on call forwarding.Jan 17, 2022

Is it OK to change region on iPhone?

Is it illegal to change the region of your iPhone? While you’re not breaking any laws by using another country’s region on your iPhone, doing so can violate Apple’s Terms of Service.

Why can’t I change my country region on my iPhone?

Active Subscriptions Even a single active subscription can prevent you from changing your Apple account’s country or region. You’ll need to first cancel your active subscription and wait until the end of the subscription period. That’s right, you cannot simply cancel your subscription and switch the country right away.Jun 1, 2021

How many times can you change region on iPhone?

“You can only change the drive region code 5 more times.”Mar 1, 2012

Why can’t I share my Wi-Fi password iPhone?

Make Sure Your iPhone And The Other Device Are Up To Date Wi-Fi password sharing only works on iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS (or iPadOS) 11 or newer and Macs running macOS High Sierra or newer. Both your iPhone and the device you want to share a Wi-Fi password need to be up to date.Jan 7, 2022

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